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Abdullah ibn Saad Ibn Abi Sarh – The Man who caught Muhammad red-handed

Abdullah Ibn Saad or Saad Ibn Abi Sarh embraced Islam after Hijra and migrated to Medina. He became a scribe for Prophet Muhammad and wrote down the revelation. But he apostatized and fled back to Mecca. He claimed that the prophet allowed any amendments that he recommended while writing down the revelation. Therefore he claimed that Muhammad did not receive any divine revelation.

Ramadan amidst COVID in Pakistan

COVID 19 has presented Special Challenges. Pakistan is already facing the brunt of the infection where many people are dying daily. Ramadan amidst COVID in Pakistan is going to bring some unique problems and issues. Ramadan is the worst time to be in Pakistan. Tempers are high, people are restless, no one wants to work, and no one wants to […]

What does a young Muslim extremist think?

What does a young Muslim extremist think? Why is Islamic Extremism on the rise among Muslim youth?

For a young extremist Muslim who wants to follow Islam strictly, the Ideal Islamic self is unachievable, desired self though wanted cannot be had because its sinful and the actual self is lost, swaying between Islamic idealism and modern desires. Muslim youth is truly lost.

Evolution and Time

Evolution is a prolonged process that takes millions of years. If someone demands they want to see change happening with their own two eyes, it is impossible. The average human lifespan is 60 to 70 years, and this time is insufficient to observe evolution in humans or any life form.

Genetics, DNA and Human Evolution

If God created humans separately from the rest of the animal kingdom. We must have a different nucleotide base set. But we have the same base pairs and have 98 percent similarity with great apes.

Repealing Blasphemy Laws—The First Step Toward A Better Pakistan

To repeal these laws, extremism has to be vigorously contested, for which there is neither a will nor a way—and won’t be for decades to come. Abolishing blasphemy laws can be a major symbolic step toward a better Pakistan, where every citizen has equal rights. If these laws continue, Pakistan will destroy itself through extremism.

Native American gods and God of the old world

Judaism is the first Abrahamic religion. Probably Moses started Judaism. Jewish God is omnipotent, omnipresent. Christians and Muslims claim to worship the same God. Ironically God did not send a single one of his prophets to the Homo Sapiens living Americas.

God! Imagination or reality? Is he fiction?

But gods everywhere are different not a hair that exists on the body of Krishna is similar to Allah. Allah, Krishna, Jesus, Odin, Zeus, Amun Ra, Quetzalcoatl are all animals of different kinds.

Sacred Adultery

Mankind has no choice in the matter of birth, one could be born as a prince, as a bigger, could be born lame, or could be considered son of god. If one is born to Muslim parents he becomes a Momin (believer), if born to infidel parents becomes a Kafir (Infidel).

Islamic Punishment for adultery: Rajam or Stoning

Islamic punishment for adultery is Rajam or stoning. Rajam is a barbaric and brutal practice. The Sharia mentions beheading as punishment for murder.

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