Who is Ghalib Kamal?

Ghalib Kamal is a Pakistani Human Rights Defender, YouTuber, and blogger who identifies himself as a freethinker. He is an advocate for critical thinking, rationality, and secular humanism, he criticizes injustice, dogma, and extremism. He believes that no religion is suitable for humanity in the twenty-first century. Science, education, and humanism are vital for our future.

Ghalib is active on social media since 2014 when he started his Facebook page Nawa-e-Sarosh(نوائے سروش) and became an admin of Pakistani Freethinkers Facebook Group.

In 2017 Pakistani authorities started a crackdown against bloggers and social media activists. Many bloggers were abducted and tortured, and even some are facing blasphemy cases to this day. Ghalib Fled Pakistan in 2017 because of his revealed trued identity due to this he feared arrest and the severe threat against his life.

It is impossible to confess nonbelief in Pakistan. Pakistani society is too rigid, and people who question religion are subject to blasphemy allegations. Most of the blasphemy accusations are against religious minorities, but nonbelievers and critical thinkers are becoming victims of blasphemy laws more often day by day.

Ghalib Kamal has been active on social media for the last eight years, and he started a youtube channel in December 2019. He has also started a blog site through which he wants to communicate with a greater audience.

Ghalib means well for everyone. Peace out.

©Ghalib Kamal 2020

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