Who are Pakistani Freethinkers?

Ghulam Rasool(Not his real name) started Irtqa-e-Fehm o Danish(ارتقائے فہم و دانش). Facebook deleted this group on the behest of Pakistani authorities. Ghulam Rasool renamed the second group to Pakistani Freethinkers. A total of six groups have been blocked in Pakistan by Facebook. This forced group managed to create a new group each time. Consequently, the group lost its valuable members and data meanwhile some of the blocked groups are present at the following links:

Pakistani Freethinkers 3

Pakistani Freethinkers 5

Pakistani Freethinkers 6

The Current Pakistani Freethinkers is a closed Facebook group, which acts as a discussion and sharing platform for non-believers from Pakistan.

Pakistani Freethinkers has stood the test of time, and it has survived against all the hardships. Even then the journey has not been comfortable, but this group is still going strong. This group has played a significant role in fighting dogma and extremism. Today many Pakistanis reject doctrine and extremism due to the efforts of admins and members of this group. Current Admins of Pakistani Freethinkers are Ghulam Rasool, Haji Mast Ali, Zayd Bin Muhammad, and Gulrez Shamsi. 



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