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Empathy is the mother of Morality

Empathy is the mother of Morality Morality is a crucial issue of the contest between the religious and the nonreligious. Believers claim that morality demands a moral lawgiver, and he is God. But we know that religious, moral code is deeply fallacious. God’s as absolute lawgiver is ridiculous as the concept and a morally perfect God contradicts morality. Believers claim […]

We the mob

We, the mob! We do what we do? We are the mob. We are a legion of demons, a school of zombies, a brood of vampires.  We prostrate before the strong, and we devour the weak. We, the mob. We are born as weaklings, naked, feeble, and lame. The story of our lives is such that we can choose to […]

Khadim Hussain Rizvi and the plight of Pakistan

Khadim Hussain’s Tahreeq e Labaik Pakistan’s main political agenda is to protect the Prophet’s honor. Which truly means they want to make blasphemy allegations mainstream. Blasphemy allegations truly halt the chance for any dialog among different sects of Islam and other religions. Recently a security guard killed a bank manager over a minor theological difference.

Abdullah ibn Saad Ibn Abi Sarh – The Man who caught Muhammad red-handed

Abdullah Ibn Saad or Saad Ibn Abi Sarh embraced Islam after Hijra and migrated to Medina. He became a scribe for Prophet Muhammad and wrote down the revelation. But he apostatized and fled back to Mecca. He claimed that the prophet allowed any amendments that he recommended while writing down the revelation. Therefore he claimed that Muhammad did not receive any divine revelation.

Ramadan amidst COVID in Pakistan

COVID 19 has presented Special Challenges. Pakistan is already facing the brunt of the infection where many people are dying daily. Ramadan amidst COVID in Pakistan is going to bring some unique problems and issues. Ramadan is the worst time to be in Pakistan. Tempers are high, people are restless, no one wants to work, and no one wants to […]

What does a young Muslim extremist think?

What does a young Muslim extremist think? Why is Islamic Extremism on the rise among Muslim youth?

For a young extremist Muslim who wants to follow Islam strictly, the Ideal Islamic self is unachievable, desired self though wanted cannot be had because its sinful and the actual self is lost, swaying between Islamic idealism and modern desires. Muslim youth is truly lost.

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